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I am a bit of an Internet junkie, so I come across a lot of interesting links over the course of the week. In the interest of blogging more, I’m going to try to share some of them with you each Sunday! (Or, let’s be honest, as many Sundays as I remember.)

First, for Valentine’s Day- this Buzzfeed article might be the most romantic thing I’ve ever read, and I mean that sincerely.

In Trump news: Steve Bannon is terrifying. And ugly. Trump advisers’ awful views on Muslims. Conservative Christians who face losing their jobs over opposition to Trump.  Here are some interesting insights on the Democrats’ focus on data rather than emotion. And this great article from Teen Vogue‘s Lauren Duca, who previously wrote the great Trump gaslighting piece.

I know nothing about  Mike Tirico, so no offense to him, but I REALLY love Bob Costas, so this makes me sad.

An infuriating number of guys on OKCupid say that they want their wife to take their names when they get married- but God forbid they consider taking hers, of course. I’d love to see how their heads would explode if their kids had the mother’s last name.

As a card-carrying introvert, I mostly agree with this.

Next time I go to New York, I’m going to try to find this dog!

I love Chrissy Metz on This Is Us, and this article about her made me smile.

For my fellow white ladies, here’s one way we can help others by being ourselves.

SNL has been awesome lately, but funnily enough, my favorite thing from this season David S. Pumpkins from last October, which has nothing at all to do with politics. I haven’t laughed this hard at SNL since Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals.

And food! I just made this recipe, from Bookriot of all places, and it was fantastic. 3-ingredient cookie dough truffles from Running with Spoons- I love her recipes and can’t wait to make these! These, too.

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