You Eat Apples, Right? I Produce Entourage.

Columbus Day weekend, Julie and I went to visit Christina. A fun time was had by all. Among our topics of conversation:

-How my sister, over Parents’ Weekend at BC, took my parents to Mary Ann’s. (No further explanation needed if you know anything about BC bars.)

-How, before YouTube, flash videos like this one were what we used to crack ourselves up in college. (Weirdly, I just had this same conversation at work a few weeks ago.)

-How we absolutely must see this movie, which we saw in a RedBox, at some point. “If they fly, you die.” Awesome.

-How this clip is unexpectedly hilarious.

I don’t know what it is about it. But here, if you haven’t seen it, is the follow-up to it.

-Fish of a certain shape and color.

No, there is not, in fact, a point to this post.

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