Playlist of the Moment: Wintry Mix

A few years ago, for a friend’s birthday, I made her a mix CD where every song had “winter,” “snow,” or “cold” in the title. We’d been joking about doing a snow dance to make it snow.


As I’m sure you’ve heard, we recently got a couple of feet of snow dropped on us by the blizzard that the Weather Channel called Juno. Much like the dog it shares a name with, this Juno DEMANDED everyone’s attention. But I don’t mind- although it can sometimes be a pain, I really love snow and I’m happy that we have so much of it now.


For those of you who are not so lucky, here’s my snow dance/”wintry mix” playlist:


1. Let It Snow, Dean Martin

2. It Snowed, Meaghan Smith

3. Snowfoot Waltz, The Divers

4. In Time It Snows, Nedelle & Thom

5. Snow Like This, The Softies

6. Winter Wonderland, Tony Bennett

7. Your Winter, Sister Hazel

8. Sister Winter, Sufjan Stevens

9. Song for a Winter’s Night, Sarah McLachlan

10. Whisper in Winter, Frame the City

11. A Cold Wind Blows Through Your Door, Bill Ricchini

12. Cold, Nakia


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