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It’s been awhile since I did a post about other blogs, so time to remedy that! It’s weird looking at these two other posts I made about other blogs- I have the hardest time remembering that there was a time when I liked Jezebel, which is now one of my least favorite places on the web. There are some other blogs I mentioned that I don’t read anymore or that are defunct, so here’s an updated list of blogs I’m loving lately:


Witty Title Here

Written by Cassie Paton, a journalism student in LA who has a wonderful writing style and a great personality. She has a “Beer with a Blogger” series, which I will do my best to partake in if I’m ever in LA!


Widow of a Wounded Marine

Karie doesn’t update as often as she used to, but you should absolutely follow her and catch up with her archives. She started the blog after her husband was wounded by an IED in Iraq and continued it after he died of an overdose of his pain medication. She’s been through more pain at age 29 than anyone should ever have to, but it’s hard not to be inspired by how she’s persevered and thrived in the face of unimaginable loss. She’s a fantastic writer and she’s currently working on a memoir, which I would love to read!


A Quick Succession of Busy Nothings

Kirsti, aka Melbourne on my Mind, is a blogger whose posts I always look forward to. She’s Australian, a bibliophile (I’m a pretty voracious reader, but Kirsti reads over a hundred books per year!), and completely adorable. When I read her, I just think, Man, I wish I was in Australia hanging out with her right now.


I Am Begging My Mother Not to Read This Blog

A new-ish blog that took off very quickly. The author, Katherine Fritz, is a theatrical costume designer in Philadelphia, and she hooked me with this post. She’s hilarious and culturally relevant and all-around awesome. She also writes Ladypockets, an awesome spoof on how the media covers women and fashion.


Keeping It Trashy in the Bible Belt

Ally, who lives with her wife in Tennessee and manages a bar, is hilarious and claims to be “personally responsible for how dirty the South is.” She’s a Sox fan, too, so I hope she’s also responsible for recruiting more fans. After this past Sox season, we might need them.


Late Lorraine

I’ve enjoyed Lorraine (which is actually a pseudonym) ever since I joined 20sb. Her writing can crack me up or break my heart and always leaves me wishing we could hang out.


Love Woke Me Up This Morning

Emily is so enthusiastic about everything she loves, and it’s contagious. Like me, she loves books, writing, musical theater, cute dogs (especially hers, Bandit), and Disney movies, and her posts always make me smile.


Mara Wilson Writes Stuff

The girl from Matilda, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Miracle on 34th Street eventually quit acting, grew up, and started a blog. And from what I can tell, she’s a pretty smart, cool person.


Snark Squad

I did recommend this site back when it was still called Childhood Trauma and mostly focused on the book series you read as a kid. Now they’ve expanded their focus- they did a post on each chapter of 50 Shades of Grey and its sequels and are also covering several TV shows, past and present. They’ve already snarked through Joss Whedon’s shows and are currently doing The O.C., Dawson’s Creek, Veronica Mars, Orphan  Black, and How to Get Away with Murder, among others. It reminds me of all the best things about the dearly departed Television Without Pity. The previously mentioned Lorraine and Kirsti, as well as Sweeney and Sara, whom I included in the older post, are among the Snark Ladies. And I’m super excited that I’ll have a guest post on an O.C. episode up on Snark Squad next week!


Yes and Yes

I love this blog for how diverse and interesting it is. The author, Sarah Von Bargen, writes about all kinds of things. Tips on traveling to different countries. Interviews with people who’ve experienced unusual things. Connecting people who are looking for a favor or have a favor to offer through her “Network of Nice.” Recipes that go along with books. The new things she’s trying to do. Many different topics, but always enjoyable and always fun.

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