Sorry, Rousseau

You might have missed this in this post, but if you were paying attention, you saw that I have left these sentiments behind and gotten a smartphone, for the first time ever. My apologies to Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Here are some thoughts on smartphone ownership after having had one for almost two months:

  • One of the biggest reasons I decided to get one was for the MBTA apps, so that I know when the bus is coming. I don’t have a car, so when I’m not near a T station, I’d like to know how much longer I have to wait in the cold/rain/heat until a bus comes to rescue me. OpenMBTA is pretty great, especially if I decide to take one bus that runs very close to my house. Unfortunately, it’s not a magic app- it can tell me when the bus is coming but doesn’t make it come any faster.
  • Instagram is overrated. I was excited to check it out after hearing so much about it, but I was very underwhelmed. Most of the pictures on it end up on Facebook anyway, and the filters really aren’t that big a deal.
  • Soundhound is better than Shazam. I feel like Shazam is the brand name people go to when they’re talking about using an app to find out what a song is, but Soundhound does everything Shazam does but does it better. It also gets everything I sing into it, even the obscure stuff, while Shazam doesn’t.
  • I love having the whole Internet at my disposal- if I’m out somewhere and want to show a friend Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals, I just pull it up. However, it’s no substitute for a real computer and a bigger screen.
  • It’s great to discover apps for things you wouldn’t even have thought of. I just ordered Domino’s and did it all through the Domino’s app.
  • Talk-to-text makes no sense to me. You might as well just make a phone call. And on that note,
  • I refuse to talk to Siri. She scares the shit out of me.

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