Karaoke Ring of Death: October

Yes, it’s Karaoke Ring of Death time again! This month, the theme is Halloween. My video is being hosted by Alexandra of The Tsaritsa Sez, one of the superstars of 20sb! I am hosting Jes of Jes Getting Started, who is doing “A Little Piece of Heaven.” I didn’t know this song until today, but it works really well for Halloween. Take it away, Jes!

Hey guys this is Jes from Jes Getting Started, one of these days I will finally figure out what it is I am getting started. This month brings us one month shy of #krod’s 1year birthday so it’s the first Halloween we get to experience together. I wanted to stay away from the obvious scary songs and do something a little different. Me outside the box? No way, never. I tried to be all artsy with my video and my “costume” but really I just look like some knife wielding psycho with no eyes. In other words, totally awesome. Also don’t you love my video editing skills? #winning Make sure you swing by my blog to check out Liz’s rendition of a spooky childhood song that took on “special” meaning as an adult.

Karaoke Ring of Death – Halloween from Jes Getting Started on Vimeo.

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