Have U Ever Been Chased by a Giant Letter U?

The Christmas season is upon us, which means…the Christmas movie season is upon us!

I love Christmas movies. The one upside of the little independent video store up the street from my parents’ house closing last year was that I got to buy It’s A Wonderful Life, which is the best movie ever made, on video. I also have The Muppet Christmas Carol (awesome) and Home Alone (why don’t they show this on TV on Thanksgiving anymore?). Then of course, there’s A Charlie Brown Christmas and the many versions of A Christmas Carol, and of course, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with those little Claymation figures. I have scarcely missed it every year since I was six (I think one year I had sports awards night at my high school), and this year won’t be an exception.

Speaking of when I was six, last night my roommate Christina and I had a little movie night, and along with A Series of Unfortunate Events (excellent non-Christmas movie she hadn’t seen) and The Polar Express (Christmas movie neither of us had seen), we saw Muppet Family Christmas, which I don’t think I’d seen since I was in first grade. I remembered a lot of it– although I could have sworn there was one part where they sang, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” but there isn’t. But it’s funny, the things you don’t notice when you’re little. Like at one point, Ernie and Bert are talking to the only human in the movie, and they’re talking about how “yes” begins with “y” and “true” begins with “t.” Then they say, “Where we come from, this is small talk.” Awesome.

Then I started thinking about Sesame Street when I was little, and I remembered this segment that creeped me out where a letter U carried a guy away. I decided to see if I was remembering right, and then I found it on YouTube. Turns out the guy was Smokey Robinson, which I didn’t know when I was little. And then I decided to watch it.

Holy God, it’s even creepier than I remember. The letter U is, like, molesting him. Watch for yourself:

There are all kinds of Sesame Street clips on YouTube, actually. Luckily, most of them aren’t quite that creepy.

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