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Karaoke Ring of Death: May

I’m back with the Karaoke Ring of Death for this month!

This month, the theme is the 80s. I happen to LOVE the 80s because they were the cheesiest decade- and also, they’re the decade in which I was born. So many great songs to choose from! I’m excited to see what everyone’s done this month. As for me, you can find me at One Red Wall, singing, technically, a cover of an 80s song, but it still counts!

I’m hosting Jes from Jes Getting Started, who’s rocking it out to some B-52s. Hit it, Jes!

Karaoke Ring of Death: January

Happy New Year from KROD! That’s the theme this month– the new year, whatever that means to you. You can find me over at Kandace’s One Red Wall.

I have the privilege of hosting the wonderful Alexandra of The Tsaritsa Sez. She’s hosted me a couple of times and I’m happy to have her here! Tsa, it turns out, doesn’t just write a great blog, but also great hip-hop lyrics, and here she is performing one of her original songs. I’m quite impressed! I’ll let her take it from here.

Hi all, and Happy Karaoke Day! I feel very lucky to be hosted today for Karaoke Ring of Death by the lovely Katie. My name is Alexandra and I have a little blog called The Tsaritsa Sez. I also help run this karaoke show along with Jes and Kanriah, and we would love to have you join us next month for more singing (and perhaps drinking) in front of the camera.

This month our theme is “Hello 2012, Goodbye 2011,” and so I have chosen to perform a
song that I wrote called “Fall Back / Stand Up”
which brushes off negativity and calls for unity among the disenfranchised. I spent the last 18 months unemployed and applying for every job that I could find. I also got creative and started making my own work via blogging and freelance writing, and became involved with the 99% Movement. The song declares that we need to take the power into our own hands, and the only way to do that is with action. I hope that you like it and perhaps find it inspiring.

Karaoke Ring of Death: November

Sorry I’m late! It’s been a busy couple of days, especially with the new job, but there’s no way I wouldn’t participate in the 1st anniversary edition of KROD, especially when the theme is 90s songs! You can find me at Daniella Robin’s blog The Chronicles of a College Girl. Here’s David from The Fiction Factory doing one of my favorite 90s songs. I’ll let him take it from here.

Hi all!
I’m very happy to be a part of this incredible celebration of all things karaoke! I wasn’t involved from the very beginning, but I would have if I’d known about it at the time. Anyway, I’m really glad that the theme was 90s songs, because that means I get to bust out a little Counting Crows (Mister Jones, to be specific) for you. They’re probably my favourite band of all time, and I discovered them back in my teenage years. In fact, I liked them so much, I would sing along to the songs without even knowing the real words. I have since improved. That being said, I do mess up just a little in the video, but I kept it anyway, because messing it up is sort of a part of KROD anyway. So, once you’re done checking out Katie’s coolness, hop on over to my blog, where the celebration continues!

Karaoke Ring of Death: October

Yes, it’s Karaoke Ring of Death time again! This month, the theme is Halloween. My video is being hosted by Alexandra of The Tsaritsa Sez, one of the superstars of 20sb! I am hosting Jes of Jes Getting Started, who is doing “A Little Piece of Heaven.” I didn’t know this song until today, but it works really well for Halloween. Take it away, Jes!

Hey guys this is Jes from Jes Getting Started, one of these days I will finally figure out what it is I am getting started. This month brings us one month shy of #krod’s 1year birthday so it’s the first Halloween we get to experience together. I wanted to stay away from the obvious scary songs and do something a little different. Me outside the box? No way, never. I tried to be all artsy with my video and my “costume” but really I just look like some knife wielding psycho with no eyes. In other words, totally awesome. Also don’t you love my video editing skills? #winning Make sure you swing by my blog to check out Liz’s rendition of a spooky childhood song that took on “special” meaning as an adult.

Karaoke Ring of Death – Halloween from Jes Getting Started on Vimeo.

Karaoke Ring of Death: September

I’ve recently gotten involved in 20-something Bloggers and discovered a lot of awesome blogs through it. (More on that in an upcoming post!) I also recently discovered the Karaoke Ring of Death, which some fellow 20sb members started last year. Basically, you record yourself singing karaoke to a song that fits the theme of the month. Someone else in KROD will post your video; you’ll post a different person’s.

This month, the theme is “Songs From Soundtracks,” and I have the privilege of hosting Erin of The Post-Modern Talko, a super-cool American living in Paris. Doing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air rap! Not only that, but there’s a bonus appearance by recent expat Sweeney, whose blog Sweeney Says was already one of my 20sb favorites. And another friend of Erin’s whose name I don’t know, but apparently she’s Canadian.

Here’s Erin’s intro:

Yeah Boston! What up, it’s yer girl, Erin fromThe Post Modern Talko and I’m reporting to you live from France where I’ve been living for a little less than a year.

I was so excited to end up on Strug’s blog because I used to live by Davis Square myself back when I was a catholic school girl at North Cambridge Catholic and have very fond memories of the Bean.

But I’m out in Paris now, partying and carrying on. If that’s your bag than my blog is the right new read for you.

Normally I fly solo on my KROD missions but Sweeney fromSweeney Says has just moved to Paris too and we’ve been getting together to party now and then. Anyway, someone told me once that you’re not a real American unless you know the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song and nothing will make you more defensive of your country then leaving it. Trust and believe.

Ok so enjoy the show and check out the other participants. Don’t forget to Show Jes fromJes Gettin Started some love over on my page. The Master list will be up soon. OH and in case you were curious drague is french slag equivalent of hitting on someone. Hope to see more of you. Hope you like what you see.


As for me, well, this is my first time participating in KROD, and I have nowhere to go but up. My video is super-awkward. I’m nervous, I sound awful, I forget some of the words and come in at the wrong places, and I am also STONE COLD SOBER. What happened was that on Sunday I realized that if I wanted to get my twelve-mile run (longest run on the half-marathon training schedule) in and also watch the Emmys that night, I had to get the video done right away. And sadly, you can’t really drink when you’re about to run twelve miles. Well, you can, but the ensuing run would not be fun. Anyway, my video is up on another very cool blog, Kandace’s One Red Wall.

Oh, and Kandace, Alexandra of The Tsaritsa Sez, and Jes of Jes Getting Started organized this month. Thanks, guys!