You Know What’s Awesome?

Getting stuff done is awesome.

I was looking at this post I wrote a year ago today. And then I looked at this one from a few months later.

It feels awesome to want to do something and then actually do it.

I need to remember that in other aspects of my life. Right now I’m working on a collection of linked short stories and trying to get some other stories published- after I had that one accepted last year to The Sierra Nevada Review (it will come out in May), I don’t want that to be my only success.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day again, and the luck of the Irish to you, but getting stuff done has nothing to do with luck. Or even with skill. There’s not much I’m sure of, but I do know that I’m capable of and good at working hard. So I’m going to remember this feeling: how awesome it is to realize you did something you really, really wanted to do.

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