Playlist of the Moment: The American Cities Mix

I was surprised when I realized how much traveling I’d done in the last year. Memorial Day weekend 2012 I went to New York. In July I went first to Narragansett for Lindsey’s wedding, then to southern California to visit Christiana Krump. In August I went to Dallas and then to DC. January brought me to San Francisco for Jenna’s wedding. I went on a business trip to St. Louis in March (and got delayed during my layover—five hours in the Milwaukee airport on a Friday not is not my idea of fun). And last month, I first spent a couple of days in the Philly area when my sister graduated from law school and over Memorial Day weekend, just for a day, I went back to New York to see Lucky Guy on Broadway (which deserves its own post).

This is all domestic travel, and there’s some more coming up- another business trip to Chicago and a trip with friends to Florida. And some very exciting news- this trip I wanted to take? It’s happening! We’re going to England and Ireland next month.

Anyway, getting to the point—this playlist is an updated version of one I did for a work CD swap a few years ago. Each song is about or has to do with an American city. (The Counting Crows have a lot of songs about cities, apparently- they’re on here three times.) Enjoy!

The American Cities Mix

  1. Please Come to Boston- Dave Loggins
  2. Streets of Philadelphia- Bruce Springsteen
  3. The Only Living Boy in New York- Simon and Garfunkel
  4. Atlantic City- Bruce Springsteen
  5. Raining in Baltimore- Counting Crows
  6. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight- The Postal Service
  7. Walking in Memphis- Marc Cohn
  8. ATL- Butch Walker
  9. Miami- Counting Crows
  10. City Beneath the  Sea- Harry Connick, Jr.
  11. Holy Toledo- Crystal Bowersox
  12. Chicago- Sufjan Stevens
  13. Omaha- Counting Crows
  14. Santa Fe- from Rent
  15. Vegas- Sara Bareilles
  16. LA Song- Beth Hart
  17. San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)- Scott McKenzie
  18. September in Seattle- Shawn Mullins

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