The Five Stages of Relationship Grief, According to Kelly Clarkson

I love Kelly Clarkson. Who doesn’t, really? If you’ve never sung “Since U Been Gone” at the top of your lungs or danced around the room to “Stronger,” I pity your poor, deprived soul.

Kelly is pretty much the go-to artist for empowering breakup anthems. And while a handful of her songs are love songs, the majority are about relationship angst.

Today, while listening to Kelly, it occurred to me that her songs could take you through the five stages of breakup grief. So, without further ado, here is your guide to grieving a relationship with the help of Kelly Clarkson.


 “Call Me”

Hoping when I get home
It’s all just been a bad dream
Then I’m not alone
And you aren’t gone


 “Never Again”

I hope the ring you gave to her turns her finger green
I hope when you’re in bed with her, you think of me
I would never wish bad things, but I don’t wish you well
Could you tell by the flames that burned your words?


 “Can We Go Back”

Can we go back to the way we used to be
Back to the butterflies
Staring deep in your eyes
Can we go back to how we used to be
Cause living and loving was easy
We gotta find a way to fool reality
And go back to the way we used to be 


 “Behind These Hazel Eyes”

Now I can’t breathe

Now I can’t sleep

I’m barely hanging on

Here I am, once again
I’m torn into pieces
Can’t deny it, can’t pretend
Just thought you were the one
Broken up, deep inside
But you won’t get to see the tears I cry
Behind these hazel eyes 



Three months and I’m still sober
Picked all my weeds but kept the flowers

And once you move past acceptance to wow-I’m-so-much-better-off-without-you,

In conclusion,

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