Derrik Sweeney

I’ve been posting lately about how I’ve gotten involved with 20sb in the past year, which has led to blog swaps, Karaoke Ring of Death, and me connecting with multiple awesome bloggers.

One blogger who I started reading pretty early is Sweeney of Sweeney Says– you might remember she made a guest appearance on Erin’s Karaoke Ring of Death. She’s an awesome person with a great personality, and one thing she writes about a lot is how much she loves her parents and three siblings.

Her younger brother, Derrik Sweeney, has been in the international news over the last 24 hours. While studying abroad in Cairo, he was arrested along with two other students amid the protests. The circumstances are not entirely clear at this point, but I wanted to direct whoever is reading this to Nicole’s blog and also her Twitter, where she’s been updating as much as she can. If you’re reading this, please keep the Sweeneys in your thoughts until Derrik is brought home safely.

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