My Summer To-Do List

Note: I will be posting soon about Jon and Steph’s beautiful wedding and all the fun I had out in Las Vegas, but the cable for my digital camera has gone MIA, so it will have to wait until I find it…grrr.

Anyway, I was just talking with people last night about how summer weekends fill up so quickly. During the rest of the year, sometimes we struggle to come up with plans, but summer weekends are so precious that we claim them for various activities right away. In July, I already have two different parties and my cousin’s wedding on three separate weekends.

But that hasn’t stopped me from creating a list of goals for things I want to do this summer. Despite having lived in the Boston area for my entire life, there are lots of fun things I haven’t taken advantage of here.

So here’s my list. Friends, if you’d like to join me on any of these adventures, please let me know! I’d love to have some company:

-Go to the beach (of course- who doesn’t want to do that in the summer?)

-Have a picnic

-Fly a kite (which I haven’t done since I was kid)

Canobie Lake Park (haven’t been there since high school)

-Take a boat out to the Boston Harbor Islands

-Castle Island to get some food at Sullivan’s (last time I tried to go there I was bitten by a dog…hoping for better luck this time!)

-Solo trip to NY (okay, don’t join me on that one)

-Trip to Portland, Maine

-Day trip to Rockport, MA (the commuter rail goes right there!)

Arnold Arboretum, which I hear is beautiful

-Franklin Park Zoo (already have plans to go there in a couple of weeks!)

-Museum of Science

-New England Aquarium

-Isabella Stuart Gardner museum

-Walk the Emerald Necklace

-Duck Tour

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