SST-S: Spewing Generational Angst Since 2006!

Have you ever written something and then looked at it later and said, “What was I thinking?” And I don’t just mean something you scribbled in a notebook in eighth grade- just something you wrote that sounded clever as it left your fingers but didn’t stand the test of time?

That’s how I feel about my Not for Tourists bio. They ran the article I wrote on post-college nightlife (an idea based on this post), and this is the bio I gave them:

Katherine Hayes grew up in Chelmsford, MA, graduated from Boston College, and resides in Newton. Katie usually knows what to tell tourists when they ask her for directions, so she’s taking her Bostonian expertise to the next level by contributing to a site specifically “not for tourists.” When she’s not reading or writing fiction, Katie spews generational angst and over-analyzes TV shows on her blog “Struggling Single Twenty-Something” (

The stupid “not for tourist” joke isn’t even the worst part. Spews generational angst? Spews generational angst? What the hell was I thinking? What in the world made me think that was a good idea?

It’s so stupid I almost want to use it in conversation, just to see what someone says.

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