How Do You Know When You Spend Too Much Time on the T?

You start recognizing people you saw on previous T rides.

Kind of a funny story behind this one. A few weeks ago, there was a guy hitting on a girl on the B Line. They were both probably in their late twenties. He was making conversation with her, asking her questions, etc. After he asked her where she lived, he asked whom she lived with. She said, “My husband.” (Ha!) He said he noticed she was wearing a ring, but since it didn’t have a diamond, he figured she wasn’t married. She said, “I’m not a diamond girl,” and they continued making awkward conversation until she got off. Then he started hitting on some BU students.

Well, today I saw her again. Not A Diamond Girl was sitting across from me on the Red Line this morning. Same green coat, same diamond-less ring. She got off at the same stop as me. But the funniest thing? As she got off, another guy started hitting on her.

Apparently guys on the T find her irresistible, so if she really is married, she might want to consider becoming a diamond girl.

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