For Once, I’m Glad I Take the T

Oh my God. The rest of the country must be laughing their asses off at us.

I was at work all day, though, and honestly, I was pretty oblivious to the whole thing. I found out about it around 4:00 because my mom called me, before they knew that all this was caused by a frickin cartoon.

But apparently traffic was a nightmare, even more so than usual. I think they did briefly shut down part of the Red Line, but that didn’t affect me.

A couple of weeks ago, it was a Friday and I wasn’t feeling well and just wanted to go home at the end of the day. I left work at 5:15. At quarter of six I finally got on a train. Why? Because eight trains went by before there was a B Line train. Eight.

“You should complain to the MBTA,” said my mom when I told her about it.

“Uh, that’s like complaining to Bush that you don’t like the war,” said my dad, correctly.

But today, my commute was entirely issue-free, unless you count me not getting a seat for a long time. For once, the T came through for me.

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