So Can I Call Myself a Freelancer Now?

So I recently became a contributor for the site Not For Tourists. Basically, every week I write two little blurbs about local places I like for the “On Our Radar” section for Boston, and today my first one is on their site. It’s about The Breakfast Club, this diner in Allston with a Brat Pack theme. I’m also doing a longer piece that’s due in January. That one will be about twenty-something bars, which I’ve written about before.

They’re actually paying me for this. This is awesome. The only other times I’ve really been published were when the Globe put some excerpts from this blog in Sidekick and one time in college when I had an article on sub-free housing published in this magazine that no one reads except some dentist in my hometown, which I only know because someone called my mom and told her she read my article in the dentist’s office.

Now back to work on getting some other stuff published.

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